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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky listed the components of the “peace formula”

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky listed the components of the “peace formula”. This is reported by the correspondent of “”.

Delivering a video message at a meeting UN General Assembly, he stated that in order to achieve peace, it is necessary to achieve five points. He called them “punishment Russia”, protecting the lives of Ukrainians through financial and military assistance Kyiv, respect for the territorial integrity of the country and guarantees of security. Zelensky considered the fifth condition “the determination of the world to rally around Ukraine.”

Formerly Zelensky proposed take Russia’s right to vote in UN Security Councillimit the rights of the Russian delegation, and deprive Moscow veto rights.

September 9 Permanent Representative USA at UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield statedthat Washington will raise the issue of reforming the UN Security Council because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. According to her, the United States is in favor of expanding the geographical representation in the Security Council and the reform of the use of the veto. She stressed that from this day on, the United States will adhere to the “six principles of responsible behavior of members of the UN Security Council.” Among them, she named more active interaction with other members of the UN and its agencies, as well as the refusal to use the veto, except in extreme cases.

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