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Doctor Prodeus called white cabbage a product that reduces the risk of developing cancer

Immunologist and TV presenter Andrew Prodeus on the air of the program “Live healthy!” on the Channel One named a product that can reduce the risk of cancer. The release of the program is available on the official site channel.

The specialist said that white cabbage can protect the body from cancer. As Prodeus explained, this product contains sulforaphane, a substance that prevents the development of tumors, including malignant ones.

“In the presence of sulforaphane, cancer cells die,” the immunologist emphasized.

Formerly Prodeus uncovered an unobvious cause of exacerbation of asthma – a chronic disease, a symptom of which is periodic coughing attacks. The doctor noted that an unfavorable emotional background can provoke an exacerbation of this disease.

Before this Prodeus warned about the dangers of taking antitussive drugs. According to the immunologist, this group of drugs interferes with the removal of sputum from the respiratory tract and can harm the body. In this regard, he recommended taking antitussive drugs only after a doctor’s prescription.

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