The Russian vice-governor was mobilized to the NVO region Russian news EN

In Kamchatka, Vice Governor Mironov was among those mobilized in the special operation zone

AT Kamchatka Territory 42-year-old lieutenant governor Sergei Mironov was among those drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces as part of the announced partial mobilization. About it informs local edition “Kam 24”.

He has already received a summons and has begun preparations for military training to be sent to the special operation zone on Ukraine.

According to the publication, Mironov “proudly accepted the opportunity to fulfill his duty to the Fatherland, since he considers himself a patriot Russia”.

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Former Vice Chairman of the Committee State Duma on defense Yuri Shvytkin informed about the intention to go to the front. He explained that he had repeatedly applied for mobilization.

Prior to this, the speaker of the lower house of parliament Viacheslav Volodin proposed discuss the mobilization of deputies and employees of the apparatus of the lower house of parliament who have the necessary specialties and skills. In addition, he ordered to study who in the State Duma could be “in demand” during the period of partial mobilization.

September 21 President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed to citizens with a statement about the beginning of partial mobilization in the country. In turn, the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu explained that partial mobilization will not affect students, as well as those who are currently serving on conscription. In total, according to department estimates, 300,000 reservists will be called up.

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