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Deputy Bessarab: universal allowance for low-income families will equalize support

A universal allowance for families with low incomes is necessary so that they receive equal assistance from the state, a member of the committee suggested in a conversation with State Duma Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Svetlana Bessarab.

Previously Prime Minister Russia Mikhail Mishustin declaredthat in Russia from January 1, 2023 they will introduce a universal allowance for low-income families, which will combine several existing payments.

Today in Russia there are several levels of assistance to families with children, which differ in the age of the child and the criteria of need, said Bessarab. So, a pregnant woman receives one level of support, with a child from 0 to 3 years old – another, from 3 to 7 – a third, and from 7 to 18 – a fourth.

“But, for example, up to 3 years is the level where there are two living wages for each family member. Already subsequent levels in the criteria of need – this is one subsistence minimum for each family member. If the family does not fall under these criteria, accordingly, it is not considered to be in need,” the deputy noted.

Thus, in her words, needy families that fall under the necessary criteria receive various benefits. In particular, benefits for a child from 7 to 18 years old are paid in the amount of 50 to 100 percent of the subsistence minimum per child in the relevant subject, and other benefits – in the amount of one subsistence minimum, regardless of the level of income of the family.

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“That is, if, when providing 50 percent of the subsistence minimum for a child in the relevant subject, the family does not reach the subsistence level, then theoretically they can provide 75 percent, but if, when calculating this, this does not allow the family to reach the subsistence level, then they provide 100 percent – only in this case, and other families in other age categories are immediately directly provided with 100 percent of the subsistence minimum,” Bessarab specified.

In her opinion, the criteria should be equalized, and the universal allowance is necessary so that families with children receive equal assistance and have equal opportunities.

Formerly Head of the SuperJob Research Center Natalia Golovanova toldthat in the event of a reduction, Russians should receive wages for the hours actually worked, compensation for unused vacation days, and severance pay in the amount of one average monthly salary.

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