The Parliament of Canada decided to discuss turbines for Nord Stream more often Russian news EN

Parliament of Canada decides to hold more hearings on turbines for Nord Stream

The House of Commons parliament Canada accepted a proposal to hold more hearings on Siemens turbines for Nord Stream. Ali Ehsassi, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, announced this. RIA News.

“The accepted proposal will read as follows: “In connection with the study of the export of Russian turbines “Gazprom” committee invites representatives Siemens and the Gas Association of Canada for a two-hour reading, invites the Minister of Foreign Affairs for two hours to provide data on the issue of turbines and other developments related to Ukraine,” Ehsassi explained.

As the politician added, the committee plans to prepare a report on Ukraine, including on the circumvention of sanctions as part of the issue of servicing turbines.

Pumping through the Nord Stream, the main supply route to Europe, has been reduced by Gazprom since mid-June, referring first to the impossibility of obtaining the necessary turbines from repairs, and then to the impossibility of accepting them, which was justified by sanctions. Early September pumping stopped For undefined period.

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