The killer of two women was found guilty 40 years after the crime Russian news EN

Alan Phillips, 71, convicted of 1982 double murder

AT USA found guilty of a man accused of killing two women in 1982. About it informs Law & Crime.

Alan Phillips, 71, from Colorado, was arrested on February 24, 2021 and charged with the kidnapping and murder of 21-year-old Annette Kay Schnee and 29-year-old Barbara Jo Oberholzer 40 years ago. The women were last seen hitchhiking near the town of Breckenridge, Colorado, on January 6, 1982, and the Americans did not know each other.

Schnee’s body was found the next day at the top of one of the passes. Oberholzer’s corpse was discovered six months later in a rural area in Park County. Both women were shot dead. The involvement of Phillips in the double murder was established through the use of genetic genealogy methods and the testimony of fireman Dave Montoya, who rescued the killer at the Guanella Pass near the crime scene on January 6, 1982.

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The criminal’s car got stuck in a snowdrift at the Guanella Pass, but he was noticed by a passenger of an airplane flying over the mountains and reported to the rescue service. “He said he got drunk and decided to go home. I asked: “Did you go through the pass?” And he said: “Well, it seemed like a good idea to me,” Montoya said.

The murder case of Schnee and Oberholzer remained unsolved for a long time, but with the advent of DNA expertise, detectives were able to analyze genetic materials from Oberholzer’s belongings, rendered resistance to the killer, and link him to the crime. All this time, Phillips lived in Colorado. He was married and raised three children.

The jury found Phillips guilty. The verdict will be handed down on November 7th. The man faces a life sentence.

Previously reportedthat the criminal who was detained 50 years after the murder turned out to be a former prosecutor. It was possible to arrest the 77-year-old criminal thanks to a DNA test.

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