The girl ordered Kardashian brand underwear and was surprised by its cut Russian news EN

Blogger Charlotte Collins was surprised by the length of Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand panties

Blogger Charlotte Collins ordered lingerie brand TV star Kim Kardashian Skims and was surprised by its cut. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok-account.

The girl admitted that she has medium height and curvaceous, so she decided to purchase XL size sets. However, according to the user, she did not expect that the ribbed cotton panties she bought for $ 20 (about 1,200 rubles) would be so large.

So, on the posted frames, she demonstrated the corresponding high-fitting gray product, showing that its length is approximately two of her palms. “Panties are huge. They will literally get me to the chest, ”the author of the video said, noting that she was going to send them back.

In July reportedthat blogger Ashley Santangelo ordered a Kim Kardashian Skims brand dress and was surprised at its length. On the posted frames, the user showed how the hem of the outfit falls below her feet and stretches across the floor.

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