The General Staff called the maximum age of conscripts during mobilization Russian news EN

Representative of the General Staff Tsimlyansky: privates and sergeants are subject to conscription up to 35 years

Representative of the Main Organizational and Mobilization Department General Staff of the Armed Forces (Sun) Russia Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky called the maximum age of recruits for partial mobilization. His words lead RIA News.

So, Russians in the ranks of privates, sergeants – under the age of 35, junior officers – up to 50, senior officers – up to 55 are subject to conscription.

“In accordance with Russian legislation, citizens with the military ranks of privates and sergeants under the age of 35, junior officers up to 50 years old, senior officers up to 55 years old are subject to conscription for military service for mobilization,” Tsimlyansky said.

Earlier in Ministry of Defense of Russia declaredthat, first of all, with partial mobilization, the specialists necessary to solve the problems of a special military operation (SVO) will be called. First of all, they will call for a tanker, artilleryman, driver and driver with a specialty. It is noted that Russians with officer ranks, privates and sergeants will be called up. One of the main factors is the presence of combat experience.

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