The Federation Council estimated the preparation time for those mobilized to be sent to the NWO zone Russian news EN

Senator Bondarev: preparation of those mobilized to be sent to the NVO zone will take more than a month

The preparation of those subject to partial mobilization before being sent to the zone of the special military operation (SVO) will take more than a month. This assessment was given by the head of the committee Federation Council for Defense and Security Viktor Bondarevreports TASS.

According to him, the military commissariats and General Staff there is a program for training specialists in various military registration specialties. “And only after the commission decides that yes, this unit, this military unit is able to fulfill the combat mission clearly and without losses, then they will be relocated to the front line,” the senator said.

Bondarev recalled that only those citizens who have served and have a military registration specialty, which is necessary for the formation of certain military units, are subject to partial mobilization. Exceptions are employees of enterprises of the military-industrial complex who have served. The senator emphasized that those called up as part of partial mobilization will perform tasks within the framework of precisely those military specialties that they received while serving in the army.

Former chapter Committee of the Federation Council on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev reminded Russians that the mobilization agenda must be handed over to the citizen personally. At the same time, according to him, the percentage of Russians who are away from home is small, and the rest of the citizens “have an address, housing and will be notified.”

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