The blogger revealed a way to remove stains from clothes using fruit Russian news EN

Blogger Pasha Goldsmith removed stains from her husband’s uniform with an orange

Blogger Pasha Goldsmith has revealed a way to remove stubborn dirt with just one fruit. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok-account.

On the posted frames, the user, who calls herself a gypsy queen, showed her husband’s work uniform stained with oil and soot. The girl said that in order to clean her clothes, she would need three ingredients: an orange, since she did not have a lemon, white vinegar and salt. She rubbed the stains with a slice of citrus and salt, then wiped the cloth with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

The influencer then placed said piece of clothing in the washing machine and then showed the result of the wash. It can be seen that all stains have disappeared from the product. “The kit looks like new, just look,” Goldsmith told the audience.

In August Goldsmith disclosed An easy way to clean stains from white clothes. The user noted that she uses salt and bleach to remove dirt from kitchen towels, shirts and socks.

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