The American senator allowed the weakening of assistance to Kyiv with the victory of the Republicans Russian news EN

U.S. Senator Murphy admitted that aid to Kyiv with the victory of the Republicans will weaken

American Senator Chris Murphy allowed the weakening of aid Kyiv from the side USA with a Republican victory in the upcoming midterm congressional elections. He told the publication The Washington Post.

“If the Republicans control the House of Representatives or the Senate, I think there is a chance that they will stop any additional support,” Murphy said. According to him, there are those among the American elite who oppose the assistance Ukraine. “I think there is a real risk that the ongoing resolution will be the last time we will fund Ukraine,” he said, adding that this would be a disaster for Kyiv and would hit the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) ability to fight.

Formerly Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak toldthat he had a telephone conversation with an aide to the US leader Joe Biden on national security by Jake Sullivan, during which they discussed the possibility of providing assistance to Kyiv.

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