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Dentist Sergei Kovalchuk explained that dental treatment can cause premature birth

Some dental treatments can cause indirect or direct harm to a pregnant woman’s body and even cause premature birth, said an orthopedic dentist, orthodontist, founder of the Smile Spa and Kovalchuk Clinic dental clinics. Sergey Kovalchuk. He explained to why dental treatment can be dangerous for some women in position.

Teeth need to be cured at the stage of preparation for pregnancy, the doctor is sure. If this did not work out on time, then you can go to the dentist in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the placenta is already sufficiently formed. However, there are procedures that can harm a woman at any stage of pregnancy, warned Kovalchuk.

Professional whitening can increase the risk of microcracks and tooth hypersensitivity, since the top layer of tooth enamel in pregnant women is poorer in mineral composition. Most of the calcium during this period enters the child’s body, said the dentist.

If there is no acute pain, redness, swelling, carious root damage, it is best to postpone the tooth extraction procedure until childbirth. This will prevent the development of infection in the oral cavity.

Sergey KovalchukDentist, orthodontist

It is also better to postpone the installation of the implant until the time when the baby is already born. For engraftment of the implant, calcium is required, and, as a rule, it is not enough in the woman’s body, since all of it goes to the development of the fetus. The body of a future mother may not be able to cope with two tasks at the same time, Kovalchuk is sure.

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In addition, to install the implant, X-ray control is required, which is undesirable during pregnancy. Plus, after implantation of the implant, antibiotics are prescribed, which is also fraught with the period of expectation of the child.

Prosthetics involves some preparation of the oral cavity, including the need for anesthesia to prepare the teeth under veneers and crowns, the source told In addition, all these procedures cause stress, he added.

Dentists do not recommend installing crowns during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. If the situation is urgent, then in the second trimester it is permissible to install ceramic restorations that do not require anesthesia

“Any disease, including dental disease, is easier to prevent. To maintain a beautiful smile, expectant mothers need to visit the dentist regularly and take good care of their oral health. After all, the body of a pregnant woman works for two and, accordingly, requires twice as much attention and care, ”summed up Kovalchuk.

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