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Zvezdanews: Russian prisoners returned from Ukraine were humiliated, beaten and poorly fed

The Russian military released from Ukrainian captivity spoke about the conditions of detention. His words are broadcast by the Zvezda TV channel in Telegram-channel.

“Fascism is present on Ukraine. They are bullied. They bully them harshly, forcibly,” he said.

According to a Russian citizen returned from Ukraine, whose name has not been released, he was first beaten in captivity, after which he was kept in terrible conditions. He said that the Russian soldiers had to live in the basement and sleep on pallets, the Ukrainian side fed them twice a day. The Russian admitted that he was constantly hungry, during his time in captivity he lost weight, “probably ten kilograms.”

He also expressed gratitude to those who were involved in the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, for returning home.

After returning from Ukraine, captured Russian soldiers contained in medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense. The Russian military is receiving the necessary medical and psychological assistance.

Previously in the Ministry of Defense told on the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine. They noted that the negotiation process on this issue was difficult.

On the night of September 22, it became known that Russia and Ukraine exchanged prisoners. Member HRC Eva Merkacheva stated that the Russian side released the British Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin, as well as Citizen Morocco Saadoun Brahim, sentenced to death in the DPR. The exchange took place through the mediation of the Crown Prince Saudi Arabia.

Kyiv in its turn handed over Moscow Ukrainian oppositionist Viktor Medvedchuk.

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