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Nutritionist Siraeva advised to abandon the use of black pepper for ulcers and cystitis

Black pepper has a number of health benefits, but eating it in the presence of certain diseases, such as gastritis or cystitis, can be harmful, nutritionist Gulshat Siraeva warned. In an interview with Doctor Peter, she reminded about who this pungent spice can harm.

The specialist advised people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, erosion of the esophagus, gastric or intestinal ulcers to give up food to which black pepper is added. “Burning alkaloids, which are found in large quantities in pepper, have a stimulating effect on the mucous layer of the stomach, increasing irritation and inflammation, irritating sensitive receptors. In this case, the pain will intensify, ”she explained.

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Also, according to Siraeva, it is better to exclude or severely limit the use of this spice in the presence of a history of chronic cystitis, since the capsaicin contained in it can provoke an exacerbation of the disease or lead to inflammation of the urethra. In conclusion, the nutritionist added that pepper has a mucosal irritant effect, so with a cold, it can increase sore throat, lead to stomatitis or ulcers in the oral cavity.

Formerly dietitian Mikhail Ginzburg named The product that best protects against colds. In autumn and winter, sauerkraut should be included in the diet, which will strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases.

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