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NYP: US nursing home nurse fired for selling candid photos on OnlyFans

AT USA a nurse was fired because her candid photos distracted colleagues from work. About it informs New York Post (NYP).

In her spare time, a 22-year-old nurse named Jaylin sold pornographic images on OnlyFans. The income that this hobby brought was unstable, so she decided not to quit her main job in a nursing home.

One day her boss found out about it. She stated that while Jaylin is caring for patients, other nursing home staff are browsing her OnlyFans profile. This, according to the woman, distracts them from the case.

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“She said she can’t let this happen every time I work, so she should fire me,” Jaylin says. According to her, the authorities decided that she needed a job less than her colleagues.

Jaylin shared her story on TikTok. In the comments to the video, other users advised her to check the employer’s requirements for employees: if there is no ban on maintaining an OnlyFans account, she has every reason to sue management for wrongful dismissal.

Previously reportedthat Nicole Desmond, a 34-year-old nurse from California, USA, began posting erotic images on the OnlyFans platform and paid for the treatment of her mother with cancer.

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