Named things unsuitable for machine washing: Phenomena: Values: Bra labeled as unwashable

Deyan Dimitrov, General Director of Laundryheap, an online laundry delivery service from England called things that can not be washed in the machine. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication

First of all, the specialist called bras unsuitable for machine washing. “Not only can their bones damage the tub of your washing machine, the fasteners can break other things as well,” he said. Dmitrov and added that the product itself can stretch if its bones get stuck in the walls of the tank.

According to the expert, ties are also not machine washable, as they are made from such delicate materials as wool and silk. “To keep them from stretching, I would recommend hand washing them or having them professionally cleaned,” he explained.

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In addition, the Briton advised not to load bed linen and clothes decorated with sequins and decorative stones into the car. In the latter case, it’s best to try scrubbing off the dirt with a sponge before asking dry cleaners for help, he explained.

The interlocutor of the publication also advised that before loading into the car, put the socks intended for babies in special mesh bags so that they do not get lost among other things and do not fall into the drainage holes of the device. The specialist also urged to be sure to check the inside pockets of pants and jackets for the presence of coins. “Metal can damage your washing machine’s drain pump and scratch the inside of it,” he concluded.

In June blogger Rene (surname unknown) named the best way to sort clothes when washing. So, she stated that things should not always be separated by color. To extend the life of the washing machine, wardrobe items must be combined depending on their weight, the user advised.

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