Milorad Dodik announced the impossibility of Bosnia and Herzegovina joining NATO Russian news EN

The leader of the Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik, declared the impossibility of the country’s entry into NATO

Introduction Bosnia and Herzegovina in NATO impossible. Republika Srpska opposes this decision. This was stated by the leader of the Bosnian Serbs Milorad Dodiktransmits RIA News.

“The Serbian people, the Republika Srpska do not support joining NATO, and this is our permanent position, despite all the events on the global stage, pressure and various factors that push for such a decision to join NATO,” the politician said.

Dodik stressed that the National Assembly has already made a final decision. “At least this procedure would have to go through certain steps in the parliament, and I am sure that such a decision will not pass in the parliament, and therefore in the future our presence in NATO is absolutely impossible,” he concluded.

Formerly Dodik toldthat Bosnia and Herzegovina refused to accept sanctions against Russia no consensus in leadership. “Bosnia and Herzegovina has not imposed sanctions on Russia. This decision should be made at the level of the Presidium of BiH, which consists of three members, one of which is me. And in order for a decision to be made, a consensus must be reached and the decision must be taken unanimously,” he explained.

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