Kim Jong-un’s daughter was first seen at a national event Russian news EN

Chinese experts spot Kim Jong-un’s possible daughter at Republic Day event

North Korean leader’s child Kim Jong Un first noticed at an event dedicated to the Day of the Republic, according to experts in China. About it informs Daily Mail.

Possible leader’s daughter North Korea name is Kim Joo E. She and several other children sang at the national holiday for Kim Jong-un and his wife Lee Sol-ju. One of the experts noticed how Lee Sol-ju reaches out to the girl, puts his hand on her back and says something. While the rest of the children crowded around the leader, Kim Joo Ae acted more reserved and calm.

Confirmation of this theory was also seen in the camera, which often focuses specifically on the girl. Her appearance also stands out: she is the only one with her hair flowing and the only one wearing white socks. Michael Madden, an expert on the North Korean elite, stated that Kim’s daughter would be exactly the same age as the girl in question. The child of the North Korean leader should be about 10 years old.

Madden added that when Kim himself was a child and teenager, he was kept in isolation from everyone but the top members of the North Korean elite, who had a close family or personal relationship with his father. The reason is the high risks and the possibility of kidnapping children to be used as leverage.

Previously reportedthat the leader of the DPRK built eight mansions to protect against an assassination attempt. The new mansions are located in the Changwangsan complex, in the so-called “Forbidden City”, where Kim Jong-un and other key members of the North Korean elite live and work.

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