It became known that Germany was plunged into the worst economic shock in 73 years Russian news EN

The Telegraph: German economy plunges into worst shock in 73 years

Economy Germany plunges into the worst shock in 73 years. About it writes newspaper The Telegraph.

This is due to soaring gas prices, the authors of the material said. The publication said that the payment of electricity bills for businesses increased by 139 percent. The sharp rise in inflation poses a threat to the German economy, which today may already be in recession, the publication says.

The article also notes an increase in food prices in supermarkets. So, the cost of butter has increased by three quarters, and vegetable oils have risen in price by half, the publication cites an example.

In September Central Bank Germany predicted a noticeable decrease in the level of economic activity in the country in the coming winter. The risk of aggravation of the economic situation is caused by a reduction in gas supplies from Russia. According to the Central Bank, there is a high probability of contraction of the German economy, even in the absence of direct gas rationing.

Previously became knownthat the signs of a recession in Germany are becoming more apparent. This is evidenced by the data of the Bundesbank report, according to which the decline in energy supplies provokes an increase in prices and increases the uncertainty in the country.

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