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New York Times: Arming Ukraine has turned into a new problem for US President Biden

Armament Ukraine turned into a new problem for the president USA Joe Biden, claims newspaper The New York Times.

The authors of the material note that the promises of multibillion-dollar military assistance from the administration of the American president had practically no effect on Biden’s internal rating. At the same time, he has to keep on his side the countries of Europe, which are experiencing the worst economic crisis in a generation, the publication says.

Washington assures that they do not notice any split within the alliance NATO, whose members agreed to support Ukraine to one degree or another in the defense of their homeland, the article says. However, the sharp rise in energy prices and the prospect of cold houses in the coming winter have caused alarm among Europeans, writes The New York Times.

The publication also emphasized Biden’s desire to demonstrate unity within the alliance in what is happening in Ukraine. However, most of the help Kyiv receives from Washington, while financial support from Europe has come to naught, the material says.

Formerly Biden declaredwhat Russia it will not be possible to change the US position on the situation in Ukraine with the help of energy carriers. He said the United States is in much better shape than the rest, especially Russia.

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