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In Moscow, a 45-year-old man hid the body of an 88-year-old cohabitant on a balcony for five months

In the north Moscow A 45-year-old man was detained after the discovery of the body of his 88-year-old cohabitant. On Thursday, September 22, reports RIA News with reference to a law enforcement source.

The woman’s body, wrapped in a carpet and a bag, lay on the balcony for about five months. The gentleman of the deceased pensioner said that he lived with the woman for 10 years, and when she died, he decided to hide her body in the apartment.

According to preliminary data, no traces of violent death were found on it.

Now law enforcement officers find out all the circumstances of the incident.

September 21 reportedthat the body of a stabbed Russian was found on the roadway in New Moscow.

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