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Reddit user wanted to move to Russia after streaming a Russian with a gas stove

Site Users Reddit responded to the broadcast of a Russian who streamed a working gas stove around the clock.

Some readers of the portal envied the residents Russia due to low gas prices.

“Europeans better not watch this, otherwise you can get a heart attack,” said a user with the nickname Nishinoa. “We’re all going to be in trouble when winter comes…” predicted a commentator with the nickname Physical-South-3564. “It’s definitely worth it to move to Russia,” expressed an opinion user No_Influence_666.

Popular video streaming service Twitch blocked account of a resident of Rostov-on-Don due to “violation of the rules of the community or the terms of sale of Twitch.”

The live broadcast, the audience of which was shown burning gas burners to the songs of the Gas Sector, was launched by a resident of Rostov-on-Don under the nickname russiangas1. “From Russia with love,” he signed the stream. In the description of the channel, the user indicated: “A Russian guy spends gas as much as he wants for only 1.44 euros (86 rubles at the current exchange rate – “approx.”) per month”. The man did not turn off the burning burner when he left the house. On his return, he turned on the other three burners.

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