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Blogger Cross spoke about filming with the musical group USB from the Comedy Club show

Popular Russian blogger Karina Kross (real name Karina Lazaryants) spoke about a shameful incident that happened to her on the set with the USB music group from the Comedy Club show. She revealed the details on air. YouTube-project “Star stories”.

According to Cross, at the beginning of her career, she starred in one of the USB clips. “I participated with them (with the USB group – approx. “”) in the filming, when I still had no subscribers and I just went to auditions. I liked the guy on the set, I liked him very much. (…) I wanted to somehow impress him,” she recalled.

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During filming, one of the USB participants Sergei Gorelikov asked her to fake an orgasm in front of the camera. Cross admitted that she would be ashamed to do this, knowing that the guy she liked would look at her. Then she asked a friend from the film crew to take the young man off the set for a while.

“I say [знакомой]: “Think of some excuse to get out.” The only excuse she came up with was that there was a kitten stuck in a tree and it had to be removed. (…) They leave, and the moment I start [имитировать оргазм]he comes in and sees (…) my face, which he imitates, ”she said.

Cross added that then the guy she liked approached her and complimented her moans. As the blogger clarified, after that she did not see him again.

Karina Cross is a Russian blogger. She became famous on the social network Instagram (prohibited in Russia; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned) thanks to humorous videos about relationships with men and women’s problems. More than ten million users have subscribed to her page today. The blogger also played episodic roles in the TV series Interns and Univer and appeared in the show Let’s Get Married! and Stars in Africa.

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