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Scientist Borgulev proposed to use camels in the development of the Arctic

Camels were proposed to be involved in an experiment aimed at developing wind energy in the Arctic in the conditions of thawing permafrost. Such an initiative was made by the director of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy, scientist Miron Borgulev at a round table in State Duma, writes “Parliamentary newspaper”.

Borgulev spoke about the results of a scientific study in Republic of Sakhawhich lasted for about 30 years. As part of the experiment, camels, horses and bison were brought there, which had a positive impact on the area where they were settled.

It turned out that the ambient temperature in the territories inhabited by artiodactyls becomes lower than the temperature of the meth, where they are absent, by five to six degrees. According to Borgulev, the experience gained can be used to develop wind energy in permafrost conditions.

The scientist also noted the importance of developing energy conservation technology based on hydrogen in the Far North, stating that in “Rosatom” relevant developments are already underway.

In July 2022, American climatologists concluded that even slight global warming is causing most glaciers to melt or retreat. The likelihood of this varies depending on the local climate and ocean conditions.

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