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Blogger TechRax crashed the car and tested the accident detection function in the iPhone 14

An American blogger named TechRax tested the accident detection function in the new Apple smartphone by crashing his car. Video available at YouTubeauthor’s channel.

A popular blogger, whose channel has more than 7.5 million subscribers, tested the accident detection function in new Apple smartphones. For this, the enthusiast used an old car, equipping it with a remote control. The specialist accelerated the car several times and directed the car into an obstacle. Inside the car was an iPhone 14 Pro.

In the video, the blogger crashed the car: airbags deployed in the car during a controlled accident. The author managed to prove that the Crash Detection function works even with a minimal collision. It turned out that the iPhone records the incident and after a few tens of seconds reports that it has detected an accident. TechRax was satisfied with the result of the experiment.

Crash Detection, available on every new iPhone, relies on a dual-core accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, GPS, and microphone. Once detected, the phone starts a countdown and calls emergency services 10 seconds later. Apple noted that the neural network that ensures the operation of the option was trained on real cases of accidents.

Previously a blogger under the nickname PhoneBuff tested strength of the new Apple smartphone. The enthusiast managed to break the screen and the back of the device, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max continued to work.

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