Dozens of employees of Russian airlines received subpoenas to the military registration and enlistment offices Russian news EN

Kommersant: 50-80 percent of airline and airport employees can be mobilized in Russia

Dozens of airport workers and at least five Russian airlines received summons to the military enlistment office within a day after the announcement in Russia partial mobilization. Writes about it “Kommersant”.

Currently, their employers are compiling lists for reservations from the call, some of them have already been sent. According to sources of the publication, from 50 to 80 percent of airline and airport employees can potentially be mobilized.

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At the same time, the interlocutors of the newspaper report that lawyers of companies still do not understand where it is more expedient to send ready-made lists: to local authorities, to Ministry of Transport or the Department of Defense.

It is noted that most of the pilots working in Russian airlines are reserve officers who have been trained at the military departments of flight schools, or privates who have served in the army.

Moreover, Kommersant’s sources emphasize that exemption from conscription is important not only for pilots and air traffic controllers, but also for technical specialists, IT specialists and employees of commercial divisions, since flights without them may stop.

Earlier in September airline “Aeroflot” promised Russians in the event of a call to fully return the money for tickets. The company called the refusal of such passengers from the flight forced. Therefore, mobilized citizens of the Russian Federation who bought tickets before September 21, 2022 (inclusive) are guaranteed a refund.

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