China announced the impossibility of depriving Russia of its important role in the UN Russian news EN

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said no one can deprive Russia of its important role in the UN

Foreign Minister China Wang Yi declared the impossibility of depriving Russia her role in UN. He spoke about this during a meeting with a Russian colleague Sergey Lavrovtransmits RIA News.

Wang Yi stressed that Russia is a permanent member United Nations Security Council and should continue to play its important role in the organization. “No one can deprive Russia of this right,” he added.

The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry also noted that profound changes are taking place on the world stage. He stated that it is now important for countries to strengthen coordination and cooperation, as well as jointly respond to common challenges and promote global security initiatives in order to “make the world order more just.”

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September 22 President Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky proposed deprive Russia of the right of veto in the UN Security Council. During a video presentation on General Assembly World Organization, he presented a “peace formula”, in which one of the points is “punishment of Russia.”

Take away the right to vote, limit the rights of the Russian delegation, deprive the right of veto

Vladimir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine

The president France Emmanuel Macron previously also spoke with the initiative to reconsider the use of the veto. However, he clarified, this reform is necessary only in matters relating to mass crimes. “I would like us to start reforming the UN Security Council so that it becomes more representative, accepts new permanent members and remains able to fulfill its task,” he specified.

In turn, the permanent representative USA organized by Linda Thomas-Greenfield toldthat the United States is in favor of expanding the geographical representation in the Security Council and the reform of the use of the veto. She stressed that from this day on, the United States will adhere to the “six principles of responsible behavior of members of the UN Security Council.” Among them, she named more active interaction with other members of the UN and its agencies, as well as the refusal to use the veto, except in extreme cases.

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The prime ministers also expressed their interest in revising the current format of the UN Security Council Japan and Spain Fumio Kishida and Pedro Sanchez.

To date, the permanent members of the UN Security Council are Russia, China, Great BritainFrance and USA.

Russian-Chinese relations

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov explainedthat Russia and China, implementing their bilateral relations, have no goal of ruling the whole world. “We know that other countries have this tendency,” he said, adding that Moscow and Beijing have a similar assessment of various provocative actions “of which the United States of America is the source.” According to him, Russia and China are unanimous in assessing “the inadmissibility of such destabilizing behavior.”

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Also Peskov assuredthat sanctions are not able to significantly affect relations between Russia and China. At the same time, the official admitted that the restrictions have a negative impact on relations between the two states, but “the general trend is still positive in terms of growth.” He considered positive the trend in the jump in Chinese-Russian relations and the growth of trade.

September 19 secretary Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev declaredthat the development of a strategic partnership with Beijing is an absolute priority for Moscow. According to him, the policy of developing close relations with China enjoys broad support from the peoples of the two countries and is based on deep mutual trust. He drew attention to the fact that this attitude was repeatedly confirmed at the highest level, including at a meeting of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the President of China Xi Jinping.

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