A five-meter crocodile attacked the trainer who saddled him Russian news EN

In South Africa, the Nile crocodile attacked the trainer who saddled him

AT South Africa a five-meter Nile crocodile attacked a trainer who saddled him during a performance at the Crocodile Creek crocodile park. About it informs The South Africa.

The moment of the crocodile attack on 68-year-old Sean Le Clus was caught on video. The footage filmed by the viewer shows how the man first treats one of the reptiles with the carcass of a dead bird, after which he approaches the 660-kilogram crocodile named Hannibal and sits on its back.

“This is the only crocodile in South Africa on whose back I can sit and talk,” said the trainer.

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Just as he began to talk about the force of the bite of the Nile crocodile, the smaller reptile made a frightening lunge towards Le Clus. The man immediately stood up from Hannibal’s back and stepped aside. At that moment, Hannibal turned abruptly and grabbed the trainer by the thigh.

In the video, the man can be heard groaning in pain, and the child, who was watching the performance, began to cry. According to the park staff, Le Clus sewed up two wounds from crocodile bites on his own and returned to work after 20 minutes.

Previously reportedwhat in australia the owner of the pub pacified the raging crocodile with several blows with a frying pan on the head and nose. The moment of confrontation was caught on video.

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