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Metro: 43-year-old family visited someone else’s grave and thought that their father was buried there

AT Great Britain the family visited someone else’s grave for 43 years in a row, thinking that their father was there. About it informs Metro.

Sylvia Ross, 67, buried her father John Thomas Thompson in 1979. Since then, she has come to the cemetery and brought flowers to the grave for every birthday of the deceased, Father’s Day and Christmas. However, more than four decades later, when the family approached Durham County Council about the installation of a memorial, it turned out that another man was buried in that place, whose name is Frederick Brown. Thompson lies in an unmarked grave a few meters away.

Sylvia’s daughter, Lynette, 42, said her mother was shocked at the mistake and lamented for so many years visiting someone else’s grave. “I have never seen my grandfather, but my mother has been visiting him for 43 years and is completely devastated,” the woman said.

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Graham Harrison, Burial Manager of Durham County Council, apologized for the inconvenience. Thompson’s remains were moved to the correct burial site. “Although the error has now been corrected, this does not change the suffering experienced by the family. We would like to once again offer our most sincere apologies for the pain caused,” said Harrison.

Previously reportedthat a family from the British city of Easington, County Durham, discovered the remains of an unknown woman in the grave of a father who died 17 years ago. To whom these remains belong and where the man is actually buried, no one knows.

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