11-year-old boy made a fashionable haircut in the salon and caught a dangerous infection Russian news EN

11-year-old boy got a trendy haircut at the barbershop and caught ringworm

An 11-year-old boy (name and surname unknown) got a fashionable haircut in a barbershop and caught a dangerous infection. This publication reports Daily Mail Australia.

According to the mother, who wished to remain anonymous, on September 4, 2020, on Sunday, she took her son to a hairdresser located in Sydney, Australia. The woman asked the master to give the boy a fashionable haircut, which involves shaved temples and long hair on top. However, a few days after visiting the salon, the child developed a rash and itching on the back of the head, the Australian claims. At the same time, she noted that in the process the master used a special hair clipper.

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After that, the parent called the barbershop to tell about what had happened. One of the employees told her that she was the third person to call them that day with the same complaint. “This is the first time I see this stage of ringworm. I am outraged by the blatant disregard for the duties of the salon workers to establish proper and appropriate infection control mechanisms, ”she said in an interview with reporters and explained that the heads of this institution apologized to her, but did not offer to compensate for the damage. The heroine of the material also stated that the hair on her son’s head is still growing unevenly.

In turn, the manager of this barbershop explained in an interview with the publication that the two previous incidents occurred in the state of Queensland. “This happened not only now. This happens all the time. This is very common in barbershops,” he said, adding that employees always clean their workspaces and sanitize tools in the morning and also during the days between clients. “How do we know that the lichen came from the typewriter? The child may already have been infected. There are cases when the infection develops for weeks,” he concluded.

In August, a blogger burst into tears on camera because of a bad haircut in a beauty salon. A netizen with the nickname rosaamazapan said that she decided to reward herself with a trip to the hairdresser in honor of successfully passing the exam. However, the work of the master was unsuccessful, which upset the client.

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