We are implementing national projects in the name of people, for people and in the interests of people

At a meeting of the headquarters for the implementation of national projects in the region, which was held under the chairmanship of Governor Yuri Bezdudny, the results for January-August 2022 were summed up

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According to Deputy Governor Tatyana Logvinenko, NAO is among the leaders in contracting and disbursement of funds within the framework of the implementation of national projects.

“National projects have been and remain an unconditional priority for all of us in our work. The main goal of national projects is to improve the quality and standard of living of residents: to provide new places in kindergartens, schools, to new departments appeared in health care institutions, to roads were good to new landscaped spaces appeared. it the main goals that we pursue in the implementation of national projects. These projects are implemented in the name of people, for people and in the interests of people. And we are with you all we are responsible for their implementation,” said the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny.

As follows from the report of the Deputy Governor of the NAO Tatyana Logvinenko, over the past 8 months of this year, 7.3 billion rubles or 99.54% of the funds provided for contracting for 2022 were contracted. The amount of funds for which procurement procedures are currently underway is 9.7 million rubles, in respect of 24.17 million, purchases have not yet begun. At the same time, almost half uncontracted funds is the savings based on the results of the auction.

The Deputy Governor also noted that such a high percentage of concluded contracts allowed the Nenets Autonomous Okrug to achieve eight months of good box office performance – 77% of the planned for 2022.

Thanks to the national project “Education” in 2022, “Points of Growth” appeared in three district schools, the construction of a kindergarten school in Nelmin-Noseset up professional workshops according to the standards WorldSkills in professional organizations of the NAO.

As part of the Demography national project, a nursery-kindergarten No. 2 for 60 children was opened in Naryan-Mar.

According to the national project Zdravookhraneniye purchased a new mobile medical complex, a mobile x-ray digital apparatus, an ultrasound apparatus, argon-plasma coagulator, blood gas analyzer, bedside heart monitors, antenatal clinic equipment and more.

Within the framework of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” started the reconstruction of the water intake in the village of Iskateley, put into operation 25.4 thousand square meters of housing (the This indicator also includes individual housing construction), 467 people (7.6 thousand sq. m.) were resettled from dilapidated housing, two public territories are being improved on Rybnikov Street and in the area of ​​the weather station.

According to the national project “Safe High-Quality Roads” the carriageways of Rybnikov and Pervomaiskaya streets have been brought to the standard state, the road along Zavodskaya Street and Ozerny Lane is being reconstructed, and the Naryan-Mar-Usinsk road is being built.

Within the framework of the national project “Culture” is carrying out large-scale repairs of the Houses of Culture in Khongurei and Kotkino built in the 60s and 70s, by the end of the year 29 cultural workers – from managers to artists – will improve their skills.

As part of the Digital Economy national project, 97% of mass socially significant state and municipal services have been converted into electronic form, they can be obtained at the State Services. These are just some of the activities that are being implemented. in the NAO within national projects.

Apart from the results of the implementation of national projects for eight months, the meeting of the headquarters also discussed the risks of implementing national projects on the territory of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The attention of the relevant departments was drawn to the need to take timely preventive measures and leveling the risks of achieving the set goals.

— Once again, I would like to direct all participants of the meeting to strict observance of all schedules for the implementation of national projects. It is important not for reporting, there should not be any formal approach. It is important for the people and that the basic principle of our work,” Governor Yury Bezdudny summed up.

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