The military commissioner of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug answered questions about fake lists and mobilization in the region

Igor Ibraev, military commissar of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug:

These lists [которые распространены в сети интернет – прим.ред.] fake. We probably understand where they come from: from the West. Someone, apparently, is interested in such an environment of nervousness. Out of nowhere to anger people, to scare.

All information is clear. Such lists appear from 700 people, can you imagine how much this is for the Nenets Okrug! This is sometimes uncharacteristic for a large subject.

At the moment, we are clarifying the personal data of citizens arriving in reserve, without a call to the military commissariat. That is, we check our account.

I often come across this when residents say that someone brought something somewhere to my neighbor. All this is not true. The military commissariat did not give the summons to anyone.

We are working as usual. We are updating the data not only due to the fact that a presidential decree has been issued. This is a constant, daily job.

Work on recruitment under the contract for the performance of his official duty in the Special Military Operation continues. The guys go, we draw up the documents. Sending volunteers there continues.

The work on preparing the draft of citizens who are subject to the next draft in the fall of 2022 is almost completed. Summons were handed over to appear at the medical and regular draft boards.

The guys who go to serve urgent military service will serve without participating in a special military operation. This issue is kept under the control of the Minister of Defense.

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