Residents of the NAO told about the prevention of heart disease

According to doctors, lifestyle is the main risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Photo: NAO Health Department

On the eve of World Heart Day, which is celebrated on September 29, the local general practitioner and part-time doctor for medical prevention at the Nenets Regional Hospital Inna Borodina spoke about the prevention of heart diseases.

— World Heart Day is a significant date in the field of public health and healthcare. It is designed to remind the public about how to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. There are a number of universal recommendations – these are simple actions that will have a beneficial effect not only on the heart, but also on the whole body and general well-being in general, – said Inna Borodina, general practitioner, medical prevention doctor at the Nenets Regional Hospital.

First of all, the doctor recommends to monitor nutrition.

– Watch your diet – strive to reduce fast carbohydrates, salt, starchy foods, sweets and fried foods in your diet. Fast food and other unhealthy foods have a negative effect on the liver and blood vessels, which increases the risk of heart problems with age. The food should be dominated by sea and river fish, nuts, whole grain bread, fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to strive for a balanced diet. The diet should include 15% protein, 30% fat, 50% carbohydrates and a large amount of vegetable fiber. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed in an amount of at least five servings per day, that is, at least 400 grams per day, – said Inna Borodina.

The next recommendation for preventing heart disease is to exercise regularly and control your weight.

The heart, like any muscle, requires training. You need to start with daily exercise and gradually increase the load. Moderate physical activity per week should be at least 150 minutes or 75 minutes of intense. To saturate the blood with oxygen, it is also necessary to regularly walk in the fresh air. In addition, it is important to control weight and lose weight, which increases the load on the heart and blood vessels, causes pain behind the sternum, shortness of breath and arrhythmia when moving, – said Inna Vasilievna.

The doctor also drew attention to the importance of minimizing stress.

Of course, stress is an integral part of our lives. Moreover, dosed light stress is even necessary for the body to mobilize it. However, chronic stress and short-term strong nervous shocks increase the risk of coronary heart disease. Stress contributes to the release of adrenaline, which causes increased heart rate, vasospasm, hypertension and myocardial infarction. Therefore, it is important to control it. This is where meditation, breathing practices and other relaxation techniques come to the rescue.

Along with the above recommendations for maintaining heart health, according to the doctor, it is important to observe healthy sleep, stop watching TV and scrolling through social networks before bed, drinking coffee in the afternoon, as well as monitor cholesterol levels and control blood pressure.

– The duration of healthy sleep is 6-8 hours. It’s about uninterrupted sleep. It is also important to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Lack of sleep can seriously affect a person’s health – lead to hypertension, a heart attack, since during sleep the body, its organs and tissues regenerate.

Inna Borodina noted that in the region, as well as throughout the country, there are quite a lot of patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and recommended regular examinations.

— When analyzing maps of risk factors, we see that we have quite a few patients with cardiovascular diseases. For some, due to obesity, malnutrition, lack of physical activity, and for others, due to excessive drinking and smoking. We understand that we all work, so there is not enough time or energy to examine our health status. But nevertheless, you still need to invest your mobilization forces not only in work, but also in the health of your body – regularly undergo examinations, medical examinations and fight such bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol. Also, for heart health, you need to take natural vitamins and visit a cardiologist at least once a year, Inna Borodina concluded.

It should be noted that cardiovascular diseases occupy 57% in the structure of mortality. In Russia, every eighth citizen aged 45 to 54 has a clinical picture of coronary heart disease; after 60 years, clinical signs of coronary heart disease are detected in 30% of the population. In second place after coronary heart disease is cerebrovascular disease. It leads to disability and severe brain dysfunction.

To date, it has been proven that cardiovascular mortality by 60% depends on the prevalence of risk factors in the population. These include: arterial hypertension, impaired carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, low physical activity. These are the risk factors that a person can independently influence.

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