Primary school teacher Anastasia Nosova represents NAO at the All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year”

On September 21, the solemn opening ceremony of the final stage of the All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia” in 2022 was held at the gymnasium No. 16 in the city of Tyumen. Anastasia Nosova shared her impressions with NAO24

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One of the main events for the participants was the meeting with the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

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Competitive tests for a teacher from the NAO will begin this Saturday. On September 24, an open lesson will be held, which can be seen in live. The educational events of the competition follow.

– For now, I’m calm, because my competitive tasks have not yet begun. But I can say that there is excitement: I’m afraid not to have time to give out the material, – Anastasia Nosova shares her experiences.

Despite the stress, the teacher confidently approaches competitive tests. She prepared thoroughly.

– Prepared at home. Met with colleagues at school. Learned about interesting methods and forms of teaching. She also focused on the knowledge of her students. I studied the new format of the Federal State Educational Standard, – notes a teacher from the NAO.

In total, 88 teachers from all regions of Russia participate in the competition, there are participants from the DPR and LPR.

Recall that you can get acquainted with the media business card of Anastasia Nosova at link.

The awarding of the winners of professional pedagogical competitions will be held on October 5 on Teacher’s Day.

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