NAO residents are invited to close the cycling season with a cross-country race

On Saturday, September 24, activists of the VeloNAO movement, together with the Bolshukha active recreation center, will organize a cycling camp and a cross-country race on two-wheeled transport

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Sports fans of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug are invited to the closing of the cycling season. Saturday, September 24in the area of ​​the forest belt in the direction of the airport, there will be a bicycle camping with a cross-country race.

– The program of the event includes exciting cross-country bike racing, interactive and archery shooting range, master class on knitting knots. Also in our camp will work husky parkNerm-nu”, guests will enjoy an evening program with guest hosts. We invite everyone to spend the autumn actively, sportily and positively,” said Irina Novosyolova, curator of the event.

Gathering of cycling campers – at 12 o’clock. You can get to the camp by signal tapes: residents will see them on the way to the Naryan-Mar airport.

We will spend the night in a tent camp. On Sunday, before leaving, we will not only clean up after ourselves: we will hold a waste collection campaign “Clean Forest,” said Irina Novosyolova.

You can get acquainted with the program of the event, download application forms here. Registration for participation – through messages Irina Novosyolova VK.

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