From January 1, 2023, Russia introduces a universal allowance for families with children

The universal allowance will be paid to families with about 10 million children. It will receive 1.7 trillion rubles from the federal and regional budgets, reported on the website of the Ministry of Labor

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Universal Benefit is introduced as part of the execution of the President’s order to build an integrated system of family support.

Benefit will combine the payment for pregnant women who have embarked on accounting early, allowance for uninsured caregivers child before 1.5 yearspayment on the first child, which provided from the budget in all regions, payment for the third child from the budget which there is only in 78 regions and is provided according to different rules, allowance for children from 3 to 8 years old, which paid by the social protection authorities, and allowance for children from 8 to 17 years old, which is paid by the FIU.

– The current support measures are combined into a single allowance, which will be provided on the basis of uniform rules by the Social Fund of Russia. At the same time, for those families where children were born before December 31, 2022, preserved norms are provided: parents will be able to choose whether to receive benefits according to the old rules or switch to a universal allowance, – said Minister labor and social protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov.

Universal Benefit will be provided to families with incomes below one subsistence minimum per person using integrated means assessment. The amount of the allowance will be 50, 75 or 100% of the regional subsistence minimum. On average across the country in 2023, this will amount to 7 thousand, 10.5 thousand and 14 thousand rubles.

In addition, an additional direction for the use of maternity capital funds is being introduced – families with an income below 2 living wages per person will be able to apply for a monthly payment in the amount of 1 living wage per person. child regardless priority the birth of a baby. Now such a right is only for the second child.

Application for a universal allowance and payments from maternity capital for any child under the age of 3, regardless of priority birth can be submit from January 1, 2023. All children in a family aged up to 17 years old it will be possible to indicate in one application and issue a payment immediately for each child.

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