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The lack of assignment of teachers in primary schools Y children’s gardens of the state continues to worsen, since it forces the mobilization of mothers and fathers of families who take over the school buildings demanding teachers in front of groupGiven the lack of response from the authorities of the Secretary of Education of Zacatecas (SEZ); This Wednesday morning three schools, one in the capital of Zacatecas and two in municipalities, were taken.

The lack of assignment of teachers or professors who attend groups has been a constant in several schools since the beginning of the present school cycle.

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Authorities do not provide solutions

A group of mothers and fathers of families took the Salvador Varela Primarylocated in the colony three crosses. There are about 30 girls and boys from the 5th “D” group, who for a month have not had the teaching figure.

“They are cared for by the deputy director, the nutritionist, the technician, the mayor, whoever has the opportunity at the moment and we are demanding a teacher.”

At the beginning of the present school, the group of mothers and fathers They requested a teacher, however, the SEZ authorities have done nothing to provide a solution, although they have been aware of this situation since classes began.

“The management did the same, but the Secretariat is on its laurels, they don’t send us a teacher,” the protesters assured.

Although the supervisor has been in contact with the protesters, they are still waiting for the head of the region to generate an alternative, otherwise the taking of facilities will continue, even for the evening shift.

They considered that there is no valid or concrete argument that justifies the lack of teachers, which is essential for the academic development of their daughters and sons, the protesters pointed out.

“We are already tired, we want a teacher and we want a full-time teacher, we don’t want a contract teacher, we want one now.”

promises have not been kept

The Fernando Calderón kindergarten in the community of Saint Joseph of the Agebelonging to the municipality of Vetagrande was also taken by the mothers and fathers of families before the lack of four teachers.

They demand the assignment of teachers to Physical education; Music and serve the students second and third.

The protesters claim that officials of the SEZ They promised to assign teachers on September 15, which has not been fulfilled until now. The proposal was also presented that the two teachers who currently teach in the kindergarten, attend to the groups that do not have teachers, which was not accepted by the mothers and fathers of the family, since they consider that there would be many students for them. .

They assure that the occupation of the campus will continue until they are assigned teachers.

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On the other hand, the primary school November 20 located in the municipality of Panucowas also taken by mothers and fathers, who demand a teacher to serve the third grade group, pointing out that the protest will continue until the assignment of a teacher.

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