Youtuber Heinsenwolf involved in the Atlacomulco accident, is still hospitalized and investigated

Amado Amir, a youtuber “Heisenwolf”, who was accused of allegedly causing the vehicle accident that left six people dead in Atlacomulco, State of Mexico (Edomex), remains hospitalized.

The accident occurred last Sunday, September 18, on the Pan-American Highway Atlacomulco-Acambay, near Colonia Bongoni, where a Camaro vehicle hit a taxi carrying six people.

Given this, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico initiated an investigation for the crime of homicide guilty against the youtuber.

In the crash, three men and three women lost their lives, including a mother and her little daughter, originally from Acambay.

Later, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) reported that a male person, likely responsible and driver of a Camaro vehicle, was hospitalized and due to the injuries presented; Until this Thursday he is receiving medical attention at a hotel in the area.

Given the medical conditions of the person involved, they announced that he was not discharged due to the need for surgery, which is why this September 20, at the end of the constitutional 48 hours, his freedom was decreed with legal reservations.

Due to this, the Social Representative has already requested the respective hearing before the Judicial Authority to formulate the corresponding imputation, for the aforementioned facts.

It should be noted, they added, that this September 21, relatives of the deceased victims were treated at the facilities of the Atlacomulco Regional Prosecutor’s Office, where the procedure was explained to them, as well as the proceedings that are being carried out.

Finally, they highlighted that the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), will continue with the investigations in this case, which has caused commotion among the population of the northern part of the state of Mexico.

note published in The Sun of Toluca

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