Wounded man spent 17 days in the mountains of China

BEIJING. KAZINFORM – A wounded man was rescued in the mountains. He got lost after the earthquake in southwest China and spent 17 days in this area, Kazinform correspondent reports citing the agency. BBC News.

Gang Yu, who was on duty at the Wandong hydroelectric power plant on September 5, stayed with his colleague Lo Yong to provide first aid to injured employees and prevent flooding by releasing water from the dam. Then he and his friend decided to leave the seismically dangerous area, walking about 20 km through the mountains around the plant.

Gan Yu was injured, and his comrade Luo Yong went for help, leaving his colleague on a floor made from moss and bamboo leaves, as well as wild fruits for food.

Luo Yong was found on September 8th. He lit the fire and attracted the attention of rescuers. Three days later, his former companion’s hideout was found empty. Gan Yu suffered from severe myopia and lost his glasses during the earthquake and had poor orientation.

A farmer who lives near the factory joined the search for Gan Yu. They searched for him for several days. He heard Gan’s screams and found him under the trees with broken bones. Later, rescuers arrived at the scene and took Gan to the hospital, where he received medical treatment.

6.6 magnitude earthquake happened in Sichuan on September 5th. 93 people died and more than 400 were injured.


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