why Russian trucks are stopped in Kazakhstan

This week, among other things, the alarmist message spread through the blogosphere – “Kazakhstan delays Russian trucks with goods from the countries of the European Union.” The problem is allegedly encountered by companies performing transit transportation from the border with the EU, where trailers are rewired from trucks of European companies to Russian trucks and driven to their destination through the country.

True, upon closer examination, according to the Association of International Road Transport, only eight road trains had a problem with travel. The main claim against Russian carriers from Kazakhstan is that they do not have copies of permits for goods issued to the previous carrier, that is, the company that delivered the same goods through the EU to the Russian border.

But since this problem arose with several carriers, with clarification the same week, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan (MIIR RK) spoke.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan reminded foreign carriers of the rules for importing goods from the European Union into the country. They are simple: when importing European goods into the territory of Kazakhstan by way of re-transfer, foreign carriers are required to have two forms of permits with them.

“With the introduction of EU sanctions against Russian and Belarusian road carriers, the bulk of the transportation of goods from European countries to Kazakhstan today is carried out by transshipment (transshipment) of goods at terminals located on the border areas of Belarus. According to the procedure established by international treaties and the internal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for such transportation, a foreign carrier must have two forms of permission with him. The first form is submitted where the carrier has transported the cargo to the terminal in the border area. The second form must be issued where the carrier made a transfer from the terminal to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Due to the fact that foreign carriers continue to systematically violate the conditions for the carriage of goods from third countries to Kazakhstan by the method of transfer (transshipment), the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, sent a corresponding appeal to the interested competent authorities and organizations of foreign states. A reminder of the procedure for applying the permit system for the transportation of goods from third countries by means of interchange and the need for foreign carriers to comply with it has been sent to the countries of the EU, the EAEU, the CIS, Ukraine and Georgia,” the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan said in a statement.

Such demands from Kazakhstan are logical, says Aleksey Bezborodov, managing partner of InfraNews. According to him, accompanying documents for the cargo are always required, and the problem with the delay of trucks in Kazakhstan was to be expected.

“Someone should have started demanding accompanying documents, not only issued for a Russian truck, but also for a trailer that was rewired at the border of the EU and the EAEU,” an InfraNews representative believes. – Obviously, it was enough just to make a copy of the papers that are issued for the trailer in the EU. Moreover, not having documents for a car with European numbers is somehow stupid. It must be understood that there is a bureaucratic apparatus, and all paperwork must be prepared to the maximum and preferably in excess. This is an obvious fact in any transportation and foreign economic activity. It was enough to make copies of EU documents, the sellers would hardly have resisted this. When recoupling, all documents must be handed over: the original vehicle passport and accompanying papers for the goods.

How reported Kommersant FM radio station, from the Russian side, Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia Dmitry Zverev was entrusted with resolving the situation.

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