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Trust is a value, and like everything that is valuable, we must invest it well so that it can multiply and not be easily exhausted. It is said of trust that it takes years to establish it and it is lost in an instant, hence the importance that, as a society, we decide where and in whom we are going to deposit it to solve our problems.

At this time, the best investment in confidence that we can make is in building peace in the country. For this, it is necessary to continue with a strategy that yields results, because the trend of the main crimes of a federal nature, and several of the common jurisdiction, is downwards, among them the sensitive one that corresponds to intentional homicides.

The daily coordination that the security structure has at the national level allows prevention, operation and reaction to be aligned in the same objective. Dislocating this form of work can be explained in other areas of the public life of our nation, but it has no basis when we talk about guaranteeing tranquility in the streets, in the neighborhoods and in the municipalities.

There is much appeal to proceed responsibly when we touch on sensitive issues for the future of Mexico, this is one of the most relevant, and it has to lead us to a social decision to support a course that brings us closer to winning peace.

Everyone has the right to disagree or sympathize with the government project that proposes a public policy, only that reality is one, and the time wasted in training, certifying and professionalizing police forces that, before and now, are insufficient to face to crime, demands that we trust as citizens in the institutions that do have the training to consolidate this strategy, respecting the rights and integrity of people, without abuse and without repression.

What is debated in other spheres of our society, the interests that move them or the use of data at convenience, does not change the fact that in the municipalities where violence is concentrated, and in which its citizens demand every day a brake on crime, the presence of the National Guard and the Armed Forces is essential.

We could consult these populations about the proposal to withdraw elements from these institutions and wait for the professionalization of the police to occur, although we already know the answer: nobody wants the members of the National Guard or the Army and the Navy to leave. . Not because of conformism so that the situation does not get worse, but because of the change in approach that has made confidence in these institutions grow.

If at any time we have to trust this path, it is now. Nobody can deny that today the perception of the Armed Forces and the National Guard is different from when they carried out tasks that were framed in a context of war, without legal support to carry out public security tasks and in frank confrontation with criminal organizations that In a cowardly manner, they placed the youngest as cannon fodder at the forefront, while the leaders enjoyed the impunity provided by arrangements with bad authorities that were corrupted up to the highest level.

And there is another fundamental element that accompanies this change: the direct and constant attention to the causes that cause the incorporation to crime, in particular of the younger population, is the basis of its human resources.

In other words, work is being done to attack the problem of violence at its roots, improve the living conditions of the majority and use in favor of the people the capacity of those who have the necessary preparation to inhibit, confront and persecute those who have made the crime a way to obtain money and power, thanks to corrupt relationships that have been established for years to the detriment of all of us.

It is not a bet, nor is it a matter of preferences, it is decision-making (as had not been done before) to solve a huge problem and resolve it through peace and tranquility. This is where we must put our trust.

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