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The months advance and the end of the year is getting closer, however, in Mexico we have different celebrations, which give us some days off for our obligationsand here we will tell you when it will be next bridge.

It is important to point out that these holidays are stipulated by the Federal Labor Law and are intended to workers celebrate the civic festivities either religious that are commemorated in our country on those dates.

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When is the next official bridge this 2022?

Next Sunday, November 20, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution is commemorated, however, article 74 of the Federal Labor Law establishes that it will be on Monday, November 21, compulsory rest for Mexican workers.

This change in the holiday is due to the fact that since November 20 falls on a weekend, it is moved to the next business day, which is Monday.

So the next november bridge It will cover from Saturday 19 to Monday 21, and all workers will report to work until Tuesday, November 22.

How many days will the school bridge be in November this 2022?

In the case of students, they will have a longest bridgebecause on Friday, November 18, the students they will rest on the occasion of a work administrative discharge by authorities schoolchildren.

In such a way that the november bridge for students it will be from Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21, returning to classes until Tuesday, November 22.

What happens if I work on a mandatory rest day?

According to the Federal Labor Law in its article 75 it mentions the following:

“The workers They will be obliged to provide the services and will have the right to be paid, regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the compulsory resta double salary for the service rendered”.

In other words, in the event that a company uses your service on a day of compulsory restthis should pay you that day at three times what it would on a normal day.

There must also be a prior agreement between the workers and employers, here the necessary number of employees for that date will be determined.

Even in case the employee If you do not reach an agreement with your employer, you will not have the obligation to go to work.

Are there more official bridges left this 2022?

Unfortunately, there is only one left on the calendar. official rest day of the year, which will be until December 25 on the occasion of the celebration of Christmas.

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In the case of students, the 2022-2023 school calendar of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) establishes that the holiday holidays will begin on December 16 and end on December 30.

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