What happened on the night of September 22

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Belarus banned the export of cars for six months

From September 23, Belarus introduces a ban on the export of a number of industrial goods from the country for six months. In total, the list contains 250 items, including cars, writes TASS.

50 banks will leave the Russian market in the next year and a half

In the next year and a half, about 50 banks may leave the Russian market. About this Izvestia told former Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov. The analyst named the departure of non-residents and the consolidation of the sector as the main reasons for this development of events.

Whiskey and cognac are running out in Russian stores

The assortment of imported alcohol by large retailers has already decreased by 40-95%. In the next three months, the market is waiting for the disappearance of half of the remnants from the shelves and a sharp rise in prices. The business of this sphere sees the way out of the situation by the parallel import of alcohol, however, both manufacturers and distributors oppose this, writes “Kommersant”.

Gas filling stations in the Russian Federation began to close

Gas filling stations began to close all over Russia. About it told Izvestia has three sources in the industry. The information was also confirmed by the National Gas Vehicle Association. However, the interlocutors of the publication noted that although such cases have been recorded in all regions of the Russian Federation, so far the incidents are isolated.

EU introduces new sanctions against Russia

The European Union will introduce against Russia new sanctions – both sectoral and personal. This decision was made by the EU leadership due to referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Sanctions will be adopted as soon as possible. Who exactly will be affected by the new restrictive measures will be determined by the EU foreign ministers.

Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners

Turkish President Erdogan announced the successful exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine. Kyiv handed over 50 people to Moscow. Anadolu claims that among them is Viktor Medvedchuk, a former people’s deputy and leader of the Ukrainian Choice movement. Russian side of this not officially commented.

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