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During the earthquake in the early hours of this Thursday, September 22, which surprised the country, some strange lights that lit up the skywhich was reported on social networks.

In addition to the earthquake, users were surprised by the lights and began to spread videos of what happened.

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But this It is not the first time that the lights are observedalso, in the tremors of September 2017 the same lights were observed.

What are the lights?

The phenomenon that surprised Mexicans is called triboluminescence and is commonly called “earthquake lights.”

These flashes of light can appear before fault lines move and while the earth experiences a tremor.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Rutgers University, in the USe occur because the slips in the cracks of the tectonic plates produce an electrical charge.

Geologists point out, however, that this electricity is not always translated into flashes of light, so the phenomenon does not always occur every time there is an earthquake.

It should be remembered that an earthquake is caused by the rupture of a fault after tectonic tension accumulates in the area, so the friction of the rocks can generate electric currents on its surface due to the flow of ions it generates.

According to Emilio Carreño, director of the National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN), the lights could have a practical use as they are one more element with which to predict these disasters.

“Earthquake lights not only occur during the movement of the earth. They have also been recorded before and after it,” says the seismology expert.

With information from Fernanda Avila

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