We can give a very good battle in 2023: Alejandra del Moral, candidate for governor of Edomex

TOLUCA. “Yes, I not only aspire, but I work every day, I have a career that undoubtedly supports the work and supports the aspiration,” replied Alejandra del Moral when questioned about her intention to compete for the governorship of Mexico state on the choice of 2023 championing the PRI and added that the alliance with the PAN and the PRD yes it goes, as it increases your chances of winning.

In an interview with El Sol de Toluca, the Ministry of Social Development of the Mexican government pointed out that “it would be ideal and correct” for the PRI to lead the alliance in the election for the governorship because it was “the party that contributed the most (votes) and the only one that grew last year” in the state elections.

Do you aspire to be a candidate for governor?

The State of Mexico requires high-mindedness, the Mexico state It requires politicians with great maturity, beyond personal projects, to think about the people of Mexico and that is what I have been looking for over the months and as 2023 approaches: generate conditions so that we have a electoral process that generates stability and gives us good results.

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Is there communication with characters from other parties?

I was president of PRI for almost five years, that gives me the opportunity to have good communication with the other political forces in the state, last year we built the Coalition Goes for the State of MexicoAlthough it is true that it is not easy, it gave good results.

Should the PRI go in coalition?

A coalition increases your chances of victory, without a doubt.

Given the national panorama of dimes and diretes, is there another relationship between local leaders PAN, PRI and PRD?

There is another relationship and without a doubt it will pay. I believe that the leaders of the three parties at the local level have shown the great commitment they have with the state, the political size they have in the construction of agreements for the good of the people of Mexiquenses and I always recognize them, in public and in The private thing that it was not easy at all to build the coalition last year, nothing.

We have different origins, we have been adversaries for a long time in electoral matters and today the well-being of families, the love we have for the state and the country leads us to have these talks.

Do you see possibilities that the alliance can be finalized?


Are there risks that if it doesn’t materialize they could lose the following year?

The PRI it’s a game in Mexico state very solid, very competitive, very organized. The PRI hasn’t started an electoral process at the top of the polls for many years, more than 20 years, and that has strengthened us by organizing ourselves much more, being much more professional. Beatriz Paredes said it: that for her the PRI of Mexico state it has a different DNA, it has a different construction and that is what I see as a former president of the party, as a PRI member and as a militant.

Could the Mexican PRI, which is the largest and has always governed the state, give up the candidacy to the PAN?

No, I don’t think so, we have also said it a lot and it has been a permanent conversation with the PAN: on objective, cold topics, on numbers the PRI He has twice as many votes as them and we are going to seek to build on that, on the coldness of the numbers. With the PAN candidate, with the leadership of the BREAD What there has been is a relationship of great respect, of how we are building and not hurting ourselves with the issue of I’m worth more and you less. We are all worth it, but the PRI has the numerical strength.

Is it ideal for the PRI to lead the coalition?

I think it would be ideal and it would be correct, and not only that, we were the party that contributed the most (votes), we were the only one that grew last year.

Will the election of the State of Mexico be the prelude to the federal election?

The future of Mexico passes through the Mexico state and the future of PRI It goes through the State of Mexico without a doubt. The amount of voters in the state and on the nominal list is larger than the six states that together had elections this year. It is the most populous state in the country, so they say: the jewel in the crown and it will be a very important battle.

How do you see Morena’s weight?

Brunette had the opportunity to govern more than 70 municipalities and today less than 30 govern, then there is the result, I would not speak either good or bad, the results speak for themselves and we are focused on making the best decisions within the party and with the coalition so that the government does well Mexico state.

Hasn’t the outlook for the alliance been complicated by what has happened at the national level?

The Mexico state It is discussed separately, and above all the governor has shown great institutionality and professionalism; he has not fallen into any scandal; he is a governor who gives us prestige and his way of doing politics It gives us the possibility of separating the State of Mexico from the national dynamic.

Is the candidacy defined by the governor?

It is defined by the party, and without a doubt, in the Mexican PRI canon, the first PRI member is Alfredo del Mazo.

And the former governors?

I think the former governors also in these same rules of the game they will always support the decision of the first PRI, like all the militants.

Is there a risk that Morena will win?

Since 2017 the choice It wasn’t easy, a lot of things were said; before 2021 the same things were said: that the state was handed over, that the governor was already tied up with the Presidentthat everything was going to be Brunette and that this was going to be the prelude to the 23rd and there are the results of the 21st, and without petulance, or throwing the bells to the wind, I think we can put up a very good battle in the 23rd and win the governorship.

Could the State of Mexico be handed over by the governor?

It does not exist, for me that conversation does not exist. Those who have that conversation do not know Alfredo del Mazo, nor the PRI of the State of Mexico.

Wasn’t there a rush for the PAN with the uncovering of Enrique Vargas?

I think they have their times, their own strategy and it was an act measured by them, I don’t think it was a bad thing.

Did it affect the talks?

No, what we have talked about and much has been said between PAN members, PRI members and PRD members, beyond the leaders, because I am not at the leadership table; it is to find what unites us to seek to build the coalition.

And the coalition goes?

Yes, from my point of view, what the militants want is for the coalition to go, I hope that they manage to build it at the table.

The BREAD has argued that the PRI has not won elections in recent years and that his candidate is better positioned. What do you think?

Of the 125 municipalities Today the PRI governs almost 50 Mexicans, what is a reality is that we cannot talk about who wins and who does not because in the coalition it was seen that we could be much more competitive and win much more together; We talked about not falling into bickering because that would be the way to not build the coalition. If we are in a coalition it is because we need each other and because we are competitive, regardless of who wins and who does not win alone.

How did you start in politics?

I come from a PRI family, I decided to do politics because of a kidnapping, they kidnapped me and I decided to start doing something, I started at 19 years old, I was a candidate for local deputy at 21 years old.

I get a PRI that it no longer wins all, that it has to reinvent itself. I think that this issue of winning all of them depends on circumstances, on moments of knowing if you can choose when you compete and when you save yourself. This PRI that I get to know and be part of its construction has trained me a lot in being a street politician, of being close to the people, that the PRI returns to its causes, I do not believe in a PRI to win elections with money; I believe that the PRI must return to the streets, the causes, the vocation, the values.

Should the name be changed?

Ever since I can remember, the PRI has the highest negatives, always. It is one of the oldest parties and we are the generation that pays for the dishes that it did not break. When I was a candidate at the age of 21 they said that if I was a PRI member I was a dinosaur, a Salinist, corrupt. Every time the PRI makes a mistake, the interest or the price it pays is very high because of the past, but I do believe in a PRI that has many people with a lot of work.

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In the Mexico state, 98 percent of the militants have never exercised a peso from the treasury, and that 98 percent pays what two percent do. I think there are more good guys than bad guys who have hurt and failed the game. The challenge is how to win elections by taking up the causes of the people.

Has the PRI learned its lesson?

He learned so much that the result is in 2021, in 2018 they passed us over and rebuilt us, reinventing ourselves was a titanic job that I had to lead. When I arrived in October 2018, they said that we were dead, that the PRI was not going to stop doing that. I said: we are in intensive care and there are the results: in 2021 it was the only one that grew.

The billboards where it appears have been highly questioned

We did everything in accordance with the law, what I can assure you is that if I am the candidateand so the party decides, we are going to carry out a campaign that adheres to legality, is transparent.

Were the resources not from the treasury?

Zero. There are allies and people he believes, people who see his form, who see his feet.

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