Videos | Another scare! Earthquake shakes Toluca and Edomex again

This morning there was a new earthquake whose magnitude was 6.9. and its origin was Caoalcomansouth of Michoacan. The phenomenon was perceptible in several states of the country.

Around 1:16 a.m., the state Civil Protection activated the corresponding protocols and did not report major damages due to said phenomenon, which was a replica of the earthquake last Monday, with which they add 1,229, according to information from the National Seismological.

According to the National Civil Protection Coordination, the earthquake was felt by around 38.7 million people in 12 states of the republic.

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“The delegations of the Red Cross, the road board, the Secretary of State Security and Civil Protection have so far not reported damage to the Mexico state“, indicated Luis Felipe Puente Espinosa, secretary general of the state government.

The authorities suggest that it is important to check the conditions of the houses and remain calm, it is also important to stay alert to another possible aftershock.

In Toluca, the phenomenon woke up a large part of the population and some users shared the moment in which the phenomenon occurred.

The municipal authorities of Toluca ask the population to report any emergency or structural damage to homes at 911 and 7222178323.

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