Video: tornado destroys houses and structures in Guamúchil, Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sin.- The formation of a twister took by surprise the population of GuamuchilSinaloa, which left material damage to houses and infrastructure.

Videos Y Photographs of the fact they went viral for networks social before the unexpected formation of the natural phenomenon.

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The authorities reported that the column of wind passed through the streets main of the locality, leaving in its wake material damage in trees fallen and some wiring failures due to high winds.

In the shared videos, it is possible to appreciate how the air currents filled the streets from the city. Likewise, it is seen how the trees bent in address towards the tornado.

Trash Y materials lightweight boats were blown away by the strong winds as the population sought refuge, staying inside the building or even hugging a palms.

Government will help affected families

The state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, pointed out that his government will send support to the population of Guamuchil who suffered damage to their homes after the effects of a tornado yesterday afternoon Thursday.

The state president indicated that support will be sent to them in speciesof Health and also economic, as happened with the victims of the rainy in various communitieswho have been given pantries, household goods and a check valid for 5 thousand pesos.

“We have been supporting them with waxes with economic resources as well, they are few, we are going to support them and those from Escuinapa who received a lot of water”said.

The governor mentioned that they are families vulnerable the most affected, and that although they are fewthe affectations refer detachment of sheets in homes.

He pointed out that this support will also be sent to the families that suffered damages in the municipality of Escuinapaafter the rains of the night.

Why are tornadoes formed?

A tornado is a column of air with high speed angle whose end is playing the Earth and the higher in the clouds.

Its formation is due to the convergence of two currents of air, one of temperature warm and another cold.

The hot air tries to impose itself before the cold current, however, when it is trapped it causes both currents flow at different heights, always in a parallel and in addresses opposite.

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