Video: Men steal patrol in Hidalgo and record themselves sending greetings

When we thought that nothing else can surprise us in Mexico, a video began to go viral on social networks where a group of men, clearly drunk, could be seen driving down a road in the state of Hidalgo.

Although this may not seem strange, it turns out that this group of civilians were driving a police vehicle, which they had previously stolen.

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The four friends who were driving the official vehicle at high speed and with the alarms on began to record their anecdote, and in the video you can hear how one says that they were “pisteando”, what we colloquially know as the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

“Here we are already on our way, we are going for the huachicol”, referring to the theft of fuel, to which it is presumed that these people are dedicated. It is important to point out that the state of Hidalgo, one of the entities where this illegal activity is most recorded.

While celebrating their anecdote, the four men took the opportunity to send greetings to the United States.

“A greeting to my compa Juan Rodríguez to Georgia (…) a greeting to all the people from Nopalera to Georgia. To all the people who are in Atlanta, ”said the co-pilot, barely intelligible due to the fact that one of the men in the back shouts insults over the words of whoever is in the passenger seat.

In another of the videos, the men are heard saying that they are leaders of the town for having the police vehicle in their possession:

“We are the leaders of the people, the son of your clicke… we bring the fucking patrol of the presidency.”

Government seeks to clarify the case

The authorities reported that this event occurred during the past weekend, on Sunday, September 18.

They explain that the men would have stolen a patrol from the municipal police of Alfajayucán in the state of Hidalgo, which triggered an operation by the police.

“Regarding the theft of a patrol attached to the Public Security Directorate of this City Council, which occurred on September 18 of this year, (…) we want to inform you that we have filed a complaint with the Public Ministry and it will be the Attorney General’s Office General of Justice of the State of Hidalgo (PGJEH) the instance that carries out the investigations, “they pointed out in the document shared on social networks.

Finally, they disapproved of the events because “they put social peace at risk” and limit the operational work of the police force.

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“We will not allow anyone to be above the law and we will collaborate with the corresponding authorities so that this crime does not go unpunished.”

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