Valuable manuscript about Ospan-batyr transferred to the state archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – A valuable manuscript from Istanbul was handed over to the Central State Archive in Almaty, Kazinform reports with reference to “Khabar 24”.

It tells about Ospan Batyr, the leader of the national liberation movement in East Turkestan. He participated in uprisings against the governor of Xinjiang, who decided to forcibly resettle Kazakhs to the south, and Chinese refugees to Kazakh pastures. The rebellion spread throughout northwestern China, leading to the creation of the East Turkestan Republic.

The manuscript describes in detail the tactics of Ospan-batyr and his heroic deeds. The memoirs were recorded from the words of his closest associate Nurgozhai Batyr, who was next to the leader during the entire period of the uprisings – from 1940 to 1951. And his grandson Bahadir Khadzhikhan delivered the manuscript to Almaty.

“Nurgozhai-batyr was illiterate, so the writer Sultan Ospanuly recorded his memoirs. He came from East Turkestan to Turkey, where the batyr lived at that time. This was in 1984. He asked the writer to make two copies of the notes and leave one for him. When the writer returned home, the security forces confiscated the manuscript and destroyed it. But the second copy has been preserved,” said Abduahap Kara, professor at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul.

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