Ukrainian special services were preparing a terrorist attack at a facility supplying energy to Turkey and Europe

FSB special operation

The FSB of Russia did not allow a terrorist attack, which the Ukrainian special services tried to commit at an oil and gas facility. The company, which could be in danger, supplies energy to Turkey and Europe. Five people were detained. This was announced on Thursday, September 22, by the FSB CSO.

The report says that as a result of a complex of operational-search measures, a man born in 1978, recruited in Ukraine by SBU officers, was identified and detained. Two improvised explosive devices were found and taken away from him.

The detainee also had a means of communication containing correspondence and negotiations with the curator, instructions for assembling an explosive device and the coordinates of the place that was determined to be blown up, transmits RIA News.

In addition, the FSB detained four accomplices of the special services of Ukraine, who provided the preparation of the terrorist attack. They are citizens of Russia.

The FSB has repeatedly prevented terrorist attacks, which were prepared in the interests of the special services of Ukraine, in the regions of Russia, as well as in the territories that came under Russian control during the special operation. In August, the Ukrainian special services wanted commit a terrorist attack at an oil and gas facility in the Volgograd Region. But the FSB of Russia did not allow this.

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